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Call Center Services Buyer's Guide - Buying Tips

Call Center Services Buyer's Guide - Buying Tips

Published: 03/27/2011

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Buying Tips

Where are they, really? Be sure you know exactly where your calls will be handled. Even though headquarters and a large call center are in your city, the vendor may have satellite call centers in other states, countries, or even continents. Ask if your calls will be sent to multiple locations.


Get the service you deserve. Choose a call center where your call volume will make up 5 to 50% of the total volume. Less than that and the agents will not have a chance to get familiar with your services; more than that and you may be pushing the limits of what the center can handle.


Own your own phone number. Some call centers will offer to buy and set up a phone number for you. Just say no. Buying an 800 number and assigning it to the provider is fairly straightforward. If you ever need to switch providers, it is much easier if you own the phone number. Same goes for email addresses – you create them and have them point to the vendor.


Keep communications open. Over time, both industry conditions and your business will change. Staying in close touch with your call center provider allows you to have them adjust with you, and also ensures that you can discuss and resolve small problems before they become larger problems.


Sign an NDA. A non‚Äźdisclosure agreement makes sure that the provider doesn’t take the lessons they learn with your business to one of your competitors. This is especially important if your choose a provider who specializes in your industry.