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Franchises Buyer's Guide - Is A Franchise Business Right For You?

Franchises Buyer's Guide - Is A Franchise Business Right For You?

Published: 03/27/2011

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Is A Franchise Business Right For You?

While opening a franchise business may be easier than starting your own business, it still requires a broad skillset and a commitment to hard work. The most important characteristic of successful franchise operators is dedication: a willingness to work hard and the ability to stay motivated. Also critical is business aptitude. Previous management experience is not required, but you will have to be able to learn business skills, from hiring to bookkeeping to inventory management.


As with any startup business, expect long hours and minimal pay at first. This is one reason that you should choose an industry that interests you personally – success is really driven by the amount of work you put in, so it helps if you enjoy the work.


As a general rule you should expect not to make any money personally during the first year of business – any profits the franchise creates should be put back into the business to drive further success, so you should make sure you have other funds to live on. If possible, starting a franchise as a part‐time venture can be a good way to launch the business and still pay your rent.


In some ways, what the company actually does has little to do with your duties as franchise owner. Mundane planning details, employee managements, and ongoing administration are critical functions that will fall on your shoulders. Studying the market before you purchase, staying on top of industry trends once you do, and keeping on top of bookkeeping, inventory, and staffing plans can all make or break your venture.


Many people who are successful in traditional businesses may not be suited for operating a franchise, so it is worth taking the time to consider these questions.


• Do you have any experience running a business? Are you willing to learn how to handle accounting, inventory, and licensing?


• How good are you at managing people, both line workers and managers?


• Do you have any technical skills to bring to the business?