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Interactive Kiosks Buyer's Guide - Monitoring

Interactive Kiosks Buyer's Guide - Monitoring

Published: 04/16/2011

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Since uptime is so crucial to a successful kiosk, you need a kiosk monitoring company to keep an eye on your kiosks and perform a variety of services to keep them up and running.



Your kiosk vendor can recommend monitoring companies to you. These independent contractors can conduct repairs, replace consumables like paper and toner, perform general maintenance, and upgrade software. Kiosks that are connected to the Internet can also be set up to notify the monitoring company when a problem emerges, alerting a technician to rush to the scene.



In some cases, kiosk monitoring companies can make updates and repair minor software glitches remotely. They can also perform regular diagnostics of your kiosk. This allows them check up on all your kiosks, no matter where they’re located, and then fix any problems without dispatching a technician. This is particularly helpful when the issue is minor and can be fixed promptly.



Of course, some businesses don’t need a monitoring company. You may already have a dedicated IT staff that can tend to problems, or a contract with a third‐party service company. And some kiosk vendors will monitor the machine themselves after building and installing a kiosk.