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Internet Access Buyer's Guide - Introduction

Internet Access Buyer's Guide - Introduction

Published: 04/17/2011

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With email and the Web such a vital part of everyday business, the speed and reliability of your Internet access is more important than ever. Solutions such as T1 lines and business‐grade DSL provide always‐on broadband connections, giving your employees the ability to consistently communicate and exchange data with co‐workers, customers, and vendors at speeds much faster than standard dial‐up.



In addition to providing seamless access to the Internet and faster downloads of large files, a high‐speed connection lets you access a wide range of applications – web hosting, streaming video, voice over IP (VoIP), video conferencing and virtual private networking (VPN). And the good news is that prices have dropped, making broadband more affordable than ever.



This BuyerZone Internet Access Buyer’s Guide explores the various Internet access options available to you, how to choose an Internet access vendor, and the costs of getting your company up and running. Click a topic below to jump to that section.





Table of contents



Types of high speed Internet access



Understanding DSL



T1 service



Choosing an Internet access provider






Internet access prices



Buying tips







Pricing guidelines


The speed of the connection you choose has a direct impact on the price. Here's a summary of common speeds and prices.




Type of connection


Monthly price


Business DSL


384 Kbps to 1.5 Mbps


$30 to $250



Fractional T1s


128 Kbps to 1.5 Mbps


$100 to $300



Full T1


1.5 Mbps


$300 to $1,000



Bonded T1s (e.g., 3 T1s)


4.5 Mbps


$750 to $3,000