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Laser Printers Buyer's Guide - Introduction

Laser Printers Buyer's Guide - Introduction

Published: 04/18/2011

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Despite promises of a paperless office, many documents created on computers are eventually printed. As a result, printers remain a critical component of any computer system.



Among the different types of printers, laser printers remain the fastest, most efficient way to reproduce text and images, commonly on plain paper, offering high resolution and quick speeds at a relatively low cost. Making sure you know what you need your printer to do will help you spend the right amount – and we can help.



Laser printers use an electrostatic process similar to a photocopier. The laser charges areas of a photosensitive image drum. Toner particles are then attracted to these areas of the drum. Rolling this drum against a piece of paper creates a printed image. In the final stage, heat is used to fuse the toner to the paper.



This BuyerZone Laser Printer Buyer’s Guide is designed to give you the facts you need to choose the right laser printers for your firm, by:



• Highlighting the key specifications and features you should look for



• Uncovering the often‐overlooked, but very expensive, cost of maintaining a printer



• Benchmarking what you can expect to pay for a laser printer





Table of contents


Basic printer specs



Laser printer features



Evaluating laser printer dealers and Maintenance Agreements



Laser printer pricing



Buying tips






Pricing guidelines


The features and capabilities of the printer you choose will have a big impact on the price, as you can see below.




Type of printer

Estimated price


Low‐end business printers





Mid‐range printers


$600 to $2,000



High‐end network printers


$5,000 to $15,000