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LCD Projectors Buyer's Guide - Weights

LCD Projectors Buyer's Guide - Weights

Published: 04/17/2011

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Projector Weights

The first feature that you should decide upon is projector weight – or whether weight is even an issue. If the "portable" projector is going to be mounted in a boardroom or carted from office to office, how much it weighs is not going to matter.



On the other hand, if you plan on bringing your portable projector on external sales pitches or to conferences, weight will be critical to your future happiness. While a couple of pounds may not sound significant, consider lugging that weight from the office to a taxi to an airplane, back in the taxi and then over to the conference center. And do not forget you will also be toting your laptop, your notes, and any other extraneous materials.



The lightest projectors on the market are now tipping the scales below two pounds. While portable projectors have gotten lighter and lighter recently, they seem to be about as light as they are going to get for the time being. Just because a projector is small doesn’t mean it can't measure up to larger models for image quality, brightness, and extra features.



If weight is a big issue, then get the smallest model you can, but know that you’re paying a premium for that small size. You can often save quite a bit of money buying the same features and power in a portable projector that weighs 6 ounces or a pound more. And remember, the projector weight doesn't equal what you'll be carrying through the airport. Be sure to ask about the total weight of the package, including the carrying case and any other peripherals.