Are File Cabinets Still Necessary?

by VENDIREX on 10/23/2015 - 01:31 pm |

Tag: Document Management

The answer is: absolutely yes. Sure, the Internet’s ‘cloud’ is becoming a more popular storage place every day, but it has far from relegated file cabinets to the boneyard. There will always be a need to keep physical documents close at hand, and locking fire-proofed cabinets still feel right. It’s something about being within arm’s reach, and not trusting important documents to the availability of your computer’s connectivity.

There are lots of looks to choose from, whether you want the easy-to-clean, smooth metal surface or sleek wood grains to match your office decor. Styles vary from standing verticals to desk-side laterals; from rolling mobile files to combination cabinet and file pieces.

File Rooms - verticals are the most appropriate for small rooms with less floor space, but good ceiling height. Available in both letter and legal widths, these are the standard in the industry, and still a great choice.

Desk Side - lateral files are perfect at the side of your desk for easy retrieval, and may have 2-4 separate drawers. They allow you to see all the files in the drawer at one time (from left to right or vice versa). Their adjustable frames allow you to configure storage to suit your needs.

Mobile Files - are perfectly matched for rolling file cabinets. Also easy to shift from one room to another without the heavy lifting, these units are extremely popular in the new open floor plans of today’s workplace environment.


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