Choosing the Right Website Designer for Your Company

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Choosing the Right Website Designer for Your Company


Having a website in today’s world is not an option, at least not if you want to attract customers who don’t just happen to live down the block. When people want a product or service, they don’t open the phone book anymore. They jump on the Internet and search for a supplier who is either close in proximity, or who can ship to their door. So, the fact that you must have a website is a given. The next step is to have your site constructed properly.


Website design is a popular field, and there’s an ‘expert’ around every corner. There are even dozens of do-it-yourself platforms in which they entice you in with an offer to create the site free (with their builder) using video tutorials. Generally the hitch is that you end up having that same ‘free website’ company hosting the site for premium prices, and they will probably pitch you for SEO (search engine optimization) as well as other services you probably don’t need (but they will convince you they are vital).


Sound like a little too much information? Well, you’re correct. If you’re running a business, adding website designer and ‘expert on all things Internet’ to your job description is going to be less of a help and more of a hindrance. Best to do what you do, and allow a professional web designer to create the right site at the best value for your needs.


Ask to not only see examples of a web designer’s recently completed sites, but also for references you may contact. Keep in mind that you will be given the best sites, and the most satisfied clients. That’s okay. If you don’t see something favorable amongst their finest work, then you’ll know pretty quickly to move on to another company. As far as speaking to happy customers, you can find out a lot from them on how they were able to work with the vendor toward a successful website design: What were the design firm’s response times, was the customer’s vision realized or did they have to compromise on elements they truly wanted?


Questions the Website Designer Should Ask You


What do you want the site to do?

What functionality do you need from your site?

Do you need a store on your site (e-commerce)?

Would you like to add a blog on your website?

What is your budget for the site?

What is your timeline for site completion, and is your deadline flexible?

How often will you need to update the information on your site?

Do you know what your customers need from your website?

How much participation do you want to have in the layout and design?

Will your company be providing content, or is that something you want handled for you?

Who do you feel are your strongest competitors on the Internet?

Do your competitors have features on their pages that you would like to have as well?

Can you assign one point person who can make decisions quickly for us?


What you should be prepared to contribute:


A list or menu of all your products and services

Pricing for products and services

Descriptions of products and services

Company bio and history

List of owners, managers, executives  

Owner, manager and executive bios

Photographs - products

Photographs - staff and management

Photographs - facility (if brick and mortar)

Contact details - phone, email, business address

Social media addresses for company accounts



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