Mail Services and Your Business Security

by VENDIREX on 11/24/2014 - 01:37 pm |

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Many businesses still rely on the U.S. Postal Service to conduct their daily business. Business mail 
is actually the primary element of contemporary snail mail, as most personal communications 
are now delivered online and instantaneously. It is easy to forget how dangerous this side of 
business operation can be when dealing with a high volume of incoming items. 

Of course, digital age contemporary society is clearly focused on security in all aspects of 
life, and the business community may be the most vulnerable to regular mail delivery which 
currently receives less attention and priorities. For companies receiving a high volume of 
physical mail, there is true urgency for standard mail room security protocol. Why? Because 
number one on the list of vulnerable government agencies and businesses is the U.S. Postal 

Risk Level - All businesses are unique in some manner with respect to what service they 
perform, so risk levels will differ in most cases. Assessing business risk includes evaluating 
the location of mail operations, as well as employee responsibilities when handling incoming 
company mail. Comprehensive incoming mail classification can be important, especially when evaluating the business customer base. Implementing methods of detecting unusual letters is as important as detection of suspicious packages, and all mail rooms should have an inspection protocol.

Employee Security Evaluation - Sometimes security lapses can be associated with employees 
on the inside. Business operations that have volatile security possibilities should always 
evaluate mail room employees for potential risk. Mail room employees can often work up 
the company ladder, and this is a good operations procedure to ensure a trustworthy staff 
in the future. Protecting businesses against security threats can be very similar to defending 
against employee theft, which can also occur in the mail room of businesses receiving monetary 
instruments or cash. It is a well-established fact that most company theft involves employees.
Bombs and Bomb Threats - Other than the lacing of letters and the insertion of powders 
that may fall out of a mailing enclosure, bombs and bomb threats are of the highest priority. 
Obviously suspicious packaging can be easily noticed, but routine types of packaging can also be 
problematic and overlooked, so attention to detail is crucial. 

Installing metal detectors may not be too extreme for certain mail rooms, once again 
depending on the nature of the industry and the use of the mail room. Any facility receiving 
packages as part of their normal business operations should have a solid security protocol 
for inspecting containers and identifying the originating parties. Mailing breaches can include 
chemical and biological agents, so this should be high priority.

Business as usual may not be the best policy when streamlining incoming mail for any company, 
regardless of the assumed benign nature of the industry. The element of surprise can be deadly, 
especially when an attack is perpetrated through a facility’s mail room. Evaluation by a security 
professional is always a good decision.


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