Tracking and Recruiting Your Job Applicants

by VENDIREX on 01/05/2015 - 02:06 pm |

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Hiring new employees is one of the most important tasks you will undertake, and yet 
most companies don’t have a clear cut strategy in place for finding and screening 
applicants - much less the right interviewing skills to select the best person for the job. 
Without checking references and screening a person’s job history, problems can be 

Utilizing the power of recruiting software can definitely help you cut to the chase. Not 
only can it track and schedule your job posts, automatically respond to applicants by 
email, but most programs can perform background checks, pre-screen the individual, 
and develop reports on how well that candidate fits your criteria for a specific job 

When you interview someone without these steps, you are reacting to body language, 
personality, and appearance. Though these factors might have relevance, they can 
sway you toward someone for the wrong reasons, while not considering important 
elements to which you should have given more attention. 

For startup entrepreneurs, your employees can be critical to making sure your 
vision takes the appropriate path, with its integrity intact. You want to be sure to find 
candidates who share your passions - but also leave room for at least one team 
member who can stand up to your lofty ideas, and provide a calm balance for those 
times when your fervor may get out of kilter. Remember that customers buy the concept 
and the people behind it, not just the product. They don’t want to be sold ‘a bill of 
goods.’ And so, your employees must provide a sense of consistency, sincerity, and 

For larger businesses with many moving parts, ambition isn’t the only trait you’ll want to 
find in your candidate. Consider that leaders are not always team players. They are ‘the 
hunters’ and innovators, and can be great in sales and even be empowering for others. 
But you also need ‘gatherers’ - those who make sure the everyday tasks are completed, 
while interacting in a positive atmosphere. Take full inventory of the job description you 
are trying to fill, and give some real thought to the type of person who would best fit into 
those shoes.


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