Does My Company Need HR Software?

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Does My Company Need HR Software?Human Resources Information Systems (HRIS) can handle many functions, from the initial recruiting and training of new employees to payroll and benefits, depending on the HR software you select. Your mode of operation may currently need streamlining of only administrative documentation and compliance; however your business may very well benefit from additional activities such as online application and talent management.


Most HRIS systems allow for expandability, where you can strategically add modules as your company grows. Probably the most important utility that HR Software provides is to give you a central repository to store your data. Once the information has been input, HRIS reporting can help guide you toward a stronger business foundation - showing the holes in your armor, so to speak.


There is no doubt that an HRIS will help to reduce your human resources administrative costs, so take this into consideration when you’re looking at pricing. It is also unrealistic these days to maintain employee records in a filing cabinet, and payroll processing alone can take up to a full day each pay period. There are software packages available for small companies and systems capable of handling thousands of employees for one corporation.


Is the System Right for You?


  1. Will the vendor take time to match your company with the best software solution?

  2. Can the vendor provide you with references?

  3. Will there be training and support included?

  4. What is the response time for technical support?

  5. Does the price meet your budget?

  6. Which modules do you need now, and later?


Core Management Modules


These modules centralize data from multiple locations, and can include:

  1. Comprehensive demographics - tracks all employee data such as education, job history, qualifications, etc.

  2. Time and Attendance Reporting

  3. Performance Reviews - automates the review process so nobody is overlooked


Payroll Modules


Generally the first HRIS module to take into consideration, features can include:  

  1. Benefits - health insurance, retirement plans, PTO/vacation time

  2. Special Handling - such as commissions and wage garnishment

  3. Security - multiple layers of protection from unauthorized sources


Benefits Management Modules


Handles enrollment forms, changes and employee access; extra features include:

  1. Full Tracking - handling all types of leaves, flex schedules, dependent care, etc.

  2. External Systems - establishes direct connection with outside providers (insurance, retirement, etc.)



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