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The residential and commercial real estate investment has been a fast growing business. Like many other businesses, software will help you organize and maintain control is critical for success. No longer out of the reach for the small investor, software can be affordable and be considered an investment that will pay for itself. 

We have put together some great articles that will help you get started. 


Start at the beginning with an introduction  

This article gives you a brief overview of property management software

"Managing rental properties can be a real organizational challenge. Keeping track of payments, vacancies, maintenance requests, and legal notifications can dizzy even the most diligent landlords and property managers.”

Next we will move on to the basics.


Property management software basics

This article will cover the different needs and based on the size of your business

“Although they may both manage properties, a residential landlord with 20 units, and commercial property management company with 2,000 units have vastly different needs.”

In the next article, we cover the features that you find on property management software.



What features a software has is an important question to ask. Study the features of the software carefully and make sure that the software that you purchase will meet all of your must have features. 

“First‐time property management software buyers often wrestle with the question of whether this software is that much better than using a standard accounting package. Most property management software programs include modules that address several property‐specific needs.”

Other property management software articles that are must reads: 

Locally‐hosted software vs. ASP 

How to run your evaluation 

What to look for in a PM software vendor 

Pricing property management systems


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