Why Use Transcription Services?

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Transcribing your audio notes and videos is certainly a low cost method for converting them into permanent text documents. This technique is frequently used in various fields, including law enforcement, journalism, medical, legal, and many more.

Certainly voice recognition software is another option, though the percent of errors is much higher, requiring careful editing. The software also must be adapted to each voice, making it impractical for most commercial uses.

What Kinds of Tapes are Typically Transcribed?

Audio tapes are frequently used to take quick notes or record conversations for later. Doctors typically speak their comments into recording devices to save time, which are then transcribed and entered into the patient’s file. Audio tapes are also commonly used in legal depositions and directors’ meetings; basically anytime accurate documentation is required.

Video tapes are a great way to interview a subject-matter expert, create a training series or for online marketing. These recordings might be edited down afterward for infomercials, or uploaded to Vimeo or YouTube for sharing - or a transcription can later be turned into a feature article or white paper.  

Important Service Features

Accuracy - Certain transcriptions are important to be as correct as possible, such as medical and legal tapes. This is why there are specialties with their own niche in the industry. Certified transcribers will have years of experience in the fields, and familiarity with the terms. Quality Assurance (QA) staff should preferably also review transcripts prior to their release.

Turnaround - Typically you will receive the completed transcripts within 1-2 days, however there are STAT services where you can pay more for same day results. Clarify whether there are cut off times to submitting your work, in order to fit into the advertised turnaround timelines.

Confidentiality - Medical transcription must meet the same HIPAA requirements as a doctor’s office. Any web page used to transfer your personal data to the transcription vendor should have an SSL - you will see the https:// in front of the domain name, as well as a small padlock icon. Vendor employee screening, and audit trails of who has accessed and modified the transcripts, are a must as well.


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