Is VoIP Phone Service for You?

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Whether you’re considering VoIP phone service for your home or business, you should be aware that it does operate differently than traditional phone service. There are advantages and disadvantages to consider, though most VoIP fans love the fact that it is a digital signal traveling over the Internet. Anytime you can avoid having to add yet another utility service, it’s a win.


VoIP calls to a regular phone system number are converted before reaching the receiving end. You can place a call directly from your computer, or use a specialty VoIP phone, or even buy an adapter to connect to your traditional telephone. Wireless is also available in ‘hot spot’ locations, like restaurants and airports, through their Internet connections.


What equipment is necessary?


You will need a high speed Internet connection; via cable modem, DSL or LAN. The service provider you choose may differ in their requirements that you use a computer, a VoIP phone or an adaptor for your regular phone.


Computers will need specific software and a microphone, while VoIP phones can be plugged right into the broadband connection. If you use an adapter, you’ll dial right from your regular phone.


What are the disadvantages?


  1. Not all VoIP providers offer directory assistance or white page listings.

  2. Certain VoIP services won't work in the case of a power outage, or provide backup power; as is also typical with cordless telephones.

  3. Satellite provides less than desirable service; these calls need around 90 Kbps to get the sound quality you want.


How reliable is VoIP service?


Since VoIP is a fairly new technology, the service is not as reliable as regular phone service at this time, though it varies according to the provider. To increase reliability, you could purchase a universal power supply battery backup for your phone and Internet services.


What about security?


Because VoIP runs over the Internet, these communications can be hacked just like any computer. Be sure to install network security systems on your phone and Internet systems to minimize your risks.


Can I keep the same number?


VoIP service does support phone number portability, so switching from a regular phone to VoIP service allows you to keep your number. However, your existing provider may not support the transfer, and this should be looked into first.


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