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Hosting even a smaller trade show can provide important venues for aligning with others in your
industry in a convenient setting. However, it is also important to be aware of the fact that larger 
gatherings of this nature have the potential to attract a wide variety of risks. At the very least you shouold have a good video surveillance system in place.

You need to take several steps to help ensure the safety of everyone involved. After all, if your 
conference becomes the target of an individual or group that has the intention of harming others, 
it will have severe negative ramifications for your company and the industry as a whole.

1. Utilize a Professional Security Company – One of the best ways to make certain that your 
conference goes smoothly is to bring in a team of security professionals. In fact, small security 
companies can provide you with assistance before your event that will make everything safer 
during the conference. For example, they can perform a security audit to determine which areas 
of the building present the highest risks, and they can also help you develop an emergency 
management plan so that you know the best way to respond if something does go wrong.

2. Screen Each of Your Attendees – Many industry conferences require attendees to have 
specific credentials that verify that they have a legitimate reason to be there. Taking this step 
before each attendee is allowed to complete the registration process can dramatically reduce the 
potential for a terrorist to access your event. Additionally, you should make sure that everyone 
wears a name badge, and these badges should be checked versus their ID before each person is 
allowed to enter the conference.

3. Put Metal Detectors in Place – Although it is inconvenient to go through a metal detector, 
most people are used to this process as a way of life in today’s world. Make sure that you have 
enough staff on hand to handle this process so that no one is able to slip through undetected. If 
you have the financial resources, you might even want to consider adding x-ray scanners.

4. Place Security Personnel at All Potential Entrances – Having at least one guard at 
every location that can be used to access the building can help deter people from entering the 
conference with weapons, and it will give you the opportunity to ensure that every person has 
gone through the proper screening process. 

5. Booth Selection and Traffic Flow – Offer booth selections which give as much open space 
as possible to prevent crowding, allowing proper spacing between them to assure a good traffic 
flow to entrance and exits. Providing signage and placing memorable vendors at key locations 
will also help attendees familiarize themselves with the layout of your show. Keep hours for set-up and break-down separate from open attendance times, to assure security of items going in and 
out of the rooms can be observed easily by security personnel.

It will also be critical to keep your entire security team connected via walkie-talkies or another 
similar communication system. Make sure that each person checks in at pre-appointed times 
so that you can quickly determine if something has gone wrong. Ultimately, the amount of 
proactive security steps that you take before and during your conference will have a direct 
impact on whether or not a nefarious individual or group could follow through with any 
terroristic plans.


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