Fire Alarm Systems - The First Step for Your Business

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Making certain your company meets your community’s fire alarm systems requirements starts with getting in touch with your local jurisdiction’s authority; most likely the fire marshal. They will visit your offices and let you know what you need to comply, and also indicate whether or not you will be required to install a sprinkler system.


Your building must meet several codes, such as the ADA ‘disability act’ ensuring those individuals can easily access warning devices, OSHA regulations on employees being free from known hazards or harm, as well as the national fire alarm signaling code (NFPA-72) which is the standard for installation of commercial fire alarm systems.


Inspection Considerations


Exit Strategies - All exit doors, and attached stairwells, must be lighted and equipped with a manual pull station for emergency use.


System Size - Fire alarms cover only a certain amount of area; if your offices are expansive or on multiple floors, of course more devices will be needed. Size can affect the type of overall system that is best for your company.


Building Makeup - The fire marshal might dictate certain guidelines, depending upon the materials that make up your buildings surfaces (steel, stone, brick), and how many levels are within your office, as well as the floor on which you are located.


Occupancy and Proximity - Buildings which may house large numbers of employees, or frequently hold events with larger groups, may require additional alarm devices. Your employees should be positioned as close as you can have them to a pull station.


Industry Materials - When you handle any kind of flammable containers on your premises, you’ll need extra precautionary safeguards, in addition to specific training for your employees.


Suppression Equipment - Your employees should be trained to use on-site fire extinguishers. A couple buckets of sand would also be a good idea to have on hand.


Fire Drills - If you are located in a building with a lobby concierge or on-site manager, chances are they handle the regular scheduling of fire drills. Make certain everyone is aware of potential locked stairwells; once you make your way into a stairwell, can you only exit on specific floors - being trapped in a stairwell can be as dangerous as any other life threatening event. Also, having 1-2 CPR certified staff is a good preventative measure which could also save a life in an emergency.

Once your inspection is completed, you will be ready to reach out to a vendor who will survey your site, draw up blueprints and have them signed off by your local authority. Now you are ready to go forward with installation.



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