Is VoIP Phone Service for You?

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Whether you’re considering VoIP phone service for your home or business, you should be aware that it does operate differently than traditional phone service. There are advantages and disadvantages to consider, though most VoIP fans love the fact that it is a digital signal traveling over the Internet. Anytime you can avoid having to add yet another utility service, it’s a win.
VoIP calls to a regular phone system number are converted before reaching the receiving end. You can place a call directly from your computer, or use a specialty VoIP phone, or even buy an adapter to connect to your traditional telephone. Wireless is also available in ‘hot spot’ locations, like restaurants and airports, through their Internet connections.
What equipment is necessary?
You will need a high speed Internet connection; via cable modem, DSL or LAN. The service provider you choose may differ in their requirements that you use a computer, a VoIP phone or an adaptor for your regular phone.
Computers will need specific software and a microphone, while VoIP phones can be plugged right into the broadband connection. If you use an adapter, you’ll dial right from your regular phone.
What are the disadvantages?

Not all VoIP providers offer directory assistance or white page listings.

Certain VoIP services won't work in the case of a power outage, or provide backup power; as is also typical with cordless telephones.

Satellite provides less than desirable service; these calls need around 90 Kbps to get the sound quality you want.

How reliable is VoIP service?
Since VoIP is a fairly new technology, the service is not as reliable as regular phone service at this time, though it varies according to the provider. To increase reliability, you could purchase a universal power supply battery backup for your phone and Internet services.
What about security?
Because VoIP runs over the Internet, these communications can be hacked just like any computer. Be sure to install network security systems on your phone and Internet systems to minimize your risks.
Can I keep the same number?
VoIP service does support phone number portability, so switching from a regular phone to VoIP service allows you to keep your number. However, your existing provider may not support the transfer, and this should be looked into first.

What You Should Know About Teleconfer...

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Because most business phone systems allow only 3 callers to connect at once, audio conferencing is an extremely desirable service - offering large groups of people the opportunity to communicate simultaneously.

The providers are either long distance companies or independent bureaus; using connection bridges to turn separate calls in a single conversation. The similarities are greater than the differences, when you’re comparing various teleconferencing service vendors. The necessary equipment is produced by only a handful of manufacturers, making the features basically the same.

What varies is the kind of conferencing you can opt to use. Depending on the sensitivity of the meeting, and the number of attendees, you will have two basic choices:

Operator Assisted - This service offers the all-inclusive support expected with important corporate calls and high level meetings. A reservation is required, to make sure an operator is available to manage the call - from roll call to wrap-up. If your conference will have a large amount of participants, using an operator to manage the logistics while you talk can be invaluable. The downside is higher cost and 24 hour advance reservation.

Reservation-less - The most popular teleconferencing, it can start in just a few minutes, any hour and any day of the week. Typically this method is used by salesmen to meet with prospects, or for discussions between departments. After signing up, you’ll be given a dial-in phone number (toll free) with 2 passwords - 1 for the host and 1 for everyone else. To attend, participants just dial in and type in the password. Essentially this service is automated, and so the cost is far less than operator assisted; though fewer features are included in this type of conferencing.

Think of teleconferencing as a real-time communication between more than a few people who are in different physical spaces. Besides meetings, this method can be used to brief customers, train off-site employees, conduct company workshops – just to name a few. A teleconference can bring together people under one roof, who are normally separated by hundreds of miles.

Though speakerphones can enable 2 groups of people to have a discussion from different locations, the poor sound quality makes this option undesirable for most business calls. Because the use of a ‘conference bridge’ is much like a server (acting as a phone answering multiple calls at once), the technology and clarity far surpasses the 3-way call and speakerphone capabilities.

Advantages of Teleconferencing

Saving money - travel costs to attend multi-departmental meetings can be exorbitant

Anyone can attend - those employees who wouldn’t normally be included, can now participate as well

Meetings are on point - they are shorter and more focused to purpose and problem solving, with less social distraction

Ease of scheduling - a mere phone call to attend allow ...

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Translation Services: More Than Meets...

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At first glance, translation services would seem to be pretty easy, and hardly ever necessary. One language is converted to another; one document is rewritten in a new language. Done and done. Well, not so fast.

First of all, translation is not, as some would believe, a word for word, straightforward method of exchanging a body of work into a different language. And second, there are hundreds of uses for interpreting in our world today, with more evolving as technology continues to expand.

How does Translation Work?

Effective and accurate translation must interpret the meaning of either text or audio recordings, and produce an equivalent text which properly communicates the message into a foreign tongue. Additionally, there are constraints which involve context, grammar, nuances and idioms of both languages.  

There are various ‘auto-translators’ on the Internet, such as Google Translate, which are sufficient for quick interpretation of a phrase or word. However, when you want to convey a full message accurately to a foreign customer, there’s a lot more work to do. It’s a matter of respect that you take the time to address them properly. The wrong interpretation not only makes you look ignorant, but it could severely hurt your reputation and ultimately your wallet.

Why is Translation Important to Business?

These days, businesses must communicate with people from across the globe - if they want to stay competitive. Of course, local services such as restaurants and barber shops probably won’t find them useful. But anyone with a website and a product or service that appeals to consumers, regardless of their locations, will at times find translation necessary.

Turning podcasts and videos into readable ‘scripts’ is commonplace. Web conferences, radio talk shows, and training sessions are becoming more popular all the time. And, all those tapes will ultimately need to be transcribed into documents, with many then translated into multiple languages.

It is essential to display your website text clearly, without grammatical errors or omissions caused by faulty translations. After all, your site is your ‘billboard in the sky’ for all to see. It’s not the easiest thing to make certain there are no mistakes. Everything should be edited prior to publishing, and even then reviewed once more.

Is Anything Lost in Translation?

We all have had the experience of reading a sentence, or a blog post, on a website that is supposedly in our language - let’s say American English - and instantly find grammar, punctuation and context errors jumping off the page. It’s disconcerting and, at best, it prompts us to bounce from the page, quickly.

Did you know, for instance, that when you silently read content (with the intent of editing), your brain will actually tend to ‘fill in’ the proper wording; making it appear as correct? For this reason, it is ...

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Why Use Transcription Services?

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Transcribing your audio notes and videos is certainly a low cost method for converting them into permanent text documents. This technique is frequently used in various fields, including law enforcement, journalism, medical, legal, and many more.

Certainly voice recognition software is another option, though the percent of errors is much higher, requiring careful editing. The software also must be adapted to each voice, making it impractical for most commercial uses.

What Kinds of Tapes are Typically Transcribed?

Audio tapes are frequently used to take quick notes or record conversations for later. Doctors typically speak their comments into recording devices to save time, which are then transcribed and entered into the patient’s file. Audio tapes are also commonly used in legal depositions and directors’ meetings; basically anytime accurate documentation is required.

Video tapes are a great way to interview a subject-matter expert, create a training series or for online marketing. These recordings might be edited down afterward for infomercials, or uploaded to Vimeo or YouTube for sharing - or a transcription can later be turned into a feature article or white paper.  

Important Service Features

Accuracy - Certain transcriptions are important to be as correct as possible, such as medical and legal tapes. This is why there are specialties with their own niche in the industry. Certified transcribers will have years of experience in the fields, and familiarity with the terms. Quality Assurance (QA) staff should preferably also review transcripts prior to their release.

Turnaround - Typically you will receive the completed transcripts within 1-2 days, however there are STAT services where you can pay more for same day results. Clarify whether there are cut off times to submitting your work, in order to fit into the advertised turnaround timelines.

Confidentiality - Medical transcription must meet the same HIPAA requirements as a doctor’s office. Any web page used to transfer your personal data to the transcription vendor should have an SSL - you will see the https:// in front of the domain name, as well as a small padlock icon. Vendor employee screening, and audit trails of who has accessed and modified the transcripts, are a must as well.

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