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At the end of 2013 there were over 65,000 telemarketing, email and direct mail lists on the market. With this wide array of lists, it takes experienced telemarketing list brokers to sift through these sources and come up a file that will be most responsive to your needs.  
List brokers have access to research tools which help them target appropriate lists, also tapping into usage data to see what kind of success other companies have had. They will generally offer a detailed proposal, based on price, usage, quantity and frequency of updates; everything you need to make an informed decision.
What are Telemarketing Lists?
Telemarketing lists offer a simple, and cost efficient way to find and connect with the customers who need your kind of services. They include phone numbers as well as mailing addresses; additionally providing the information you need to add a direct mail campaign if you choose. Business telemarketing lists will include the name of the firm and primary contact as well.  
You should verify a few things when selecting a list broker:

Lists are customizable, with plenty of filters and combinations to build your future contacts and to fit your particular campaigns.


Lists are updated through verification against the National Change of Address (NCOA) and United States Postal Service (USPS) registries.


Phone numbers are Do Not Call (DNC) compliant. Some contacts will go as far as to report you if you violate the DNC regulations.


Prices are competitive, and offer volume discounts and support during your working hours.

Increasing Your Chance of Success

Specialty lists can be narrowed down by specific criteria to increase the potential of higher success rates. Once you have a list you are comfortable with, the urgency shifts to having an experienced sales team making the calls.
Today, the use of ‘robo-calls’ has conditioned people to be wary of even answering their cell or home phones. When they hear an ‘awkward’ stranger on the other end, it elicits caution. Your marketers should be friendly, listen carefully for cues, and most importantly speak the language of the contact clearly.
Cold-calling a business, when you have not bothered to do the slightest amount of research on them (type of industry, primary products or services they provide) is insulting, and not apt to bring positive results. A few minutes of prep work can make all the difference in the world.

How to Get a Business Loan

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Whether you’re looking for a loan amount of $5,000 or $500,000, don’t think of it as a desperate move. From startups to established companies, business loans help owners to hold onto their cash flow while using ‘other people’s money.’ It’s a smart business decision that allows you to expand or - in the case of a brand new venture - to launch that innovative concept that’s going to ‘change the world.’

Don’t be Desperate

Taking a ‘shotgun’ approach (reaching out to several lenders and submitting multiple applications) won’t do you any favors. Everyone’s going to check your credit, and so they will all see you are applying to other companies. Do they think you’re price shopping? Probably not. They assume you’ve been turned down and are desperately searching for anyone who can give you the funds you need.

Qualify Them

So, do your own homework, and talk to a few different lenders before filling out any applications. Check out their terms, customer service, length of time to obtain funds; you can speak in hypotheticals without committing. Compare apples to apples, but when it comes down to signing on the dotted line, remember that all loans are going to cost you money. Certain fees are up front, some are over the term of the contract, and others may even be hidden in fine print.

A lender’s own reputation, stability and responsiveness will be key to your future relationship. Make sure you are comfortable with them, just as you would want to be with a new client you’re taking on. Does it feel right, and are they genuine and transparent in their interactions with you?  

Show Your Strength

Lenders love to loan money to those who don’t really need it. So, you want to come from a position of confidence and as much power as you can muster. Get your books in order, and expect to have the following history and documents closely researched by the bank or private lender you ultimately work with:

Management - Is your team experienced in the industry you are involved with? As an owner, if you do not personally have the expertise to fully operate the company, is your manager firmly vested in the business? Is ‘key man’ insurance in place?

Credit - If your business is less than 3 years, anticipate the lender will use your personal credit to qualify (and require you to sign for the note). If you’re an LLC, this is going to allow any collection of a default to go outside the company’s liability protection and pursue your personal assets. Just be prepared for this going in.

Collateral - Any physical assets owned by the company may be used to guarantee the funds. In certain cases, impending contracts may be collateralized. Again, if your business is new, expect the lender to lien your personal home or valuables. If the loan is for the purpose of buying a building in which the company will operate, ...

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Business Cash Advances - Quick and Easy

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Providing a fast and simple alternative to lengthy loan applications with stringent requirements, business cash advances are growing in popularity. Though many new service providers are cropping up, it’s important to perform your due diligence when it comes to choosing the one to work with.

Who provides cash advances? From large merchants and independent firms created for just this niche, to recently-interested traditional banks and leasing companies - it seems everyone is jumping on the bandwagon. All the more reason to sharpen your research skills and listen to your instincts, before committing to one particular vendor.

Reasons for a Business Cash Advance

Though it is unrealistic to think any list of needs would be finite, the following are some of the more typical reasons these loans are highly sought after:

Handling a tax deadline balance

Purchasing new equipment

Adding inventory to fill increasing orders

Adding cash flow for discount purchases

Marketing campaigns to boost sales

What Makes a Good Provider?

Keep in mind that you will be in close and frequent touch with any firm you choose to supply your cash advance, so take this decision seriously. It is important to select a provider with attributes (and features) that match your needs, and your way of doing business. The last thing you want is an over-zealous, pushy salesman who tells you whatever they think will make you sign on the dotted line!

Think about these attributes, for a more satisfactory and long lasting business relationship:

Provides reliable customer service during your business hours

Takes the best interest of your business to heart

Has a record of stability and an honest reputation

Listens to what you have to say and respects your vision

Doesn’t lay down ultimatums or unreasonable deadlines

How Do I Start the Process?

Understand that while this type of loan is fast and not predicated on your credit alone, the interest and fees are going to be much higher than a traditional business loan. It makes sense, right? Because the repayments are made based upon your customer credit card transactions, you will need to show a certain amount of good faith, and be able to check most of the following boxes:

Over one year in business

More than a year left on your lease

Over 6 months credit card processing history

No current property liens

No other open cash advance contracts

Maintenance of solid financial records

A word to the wise, make your selection of vendors before filling out any applications. Look for actual money providers, rather than broker-types who will ‘shop’ your loan; it may impact your credit negatively if several loan ‘inquiries’ show up.

CD/DVD Duplication for Your Business

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If you’ve ever burned a CD on your computer, copying information from your desktop to a disc, then you have used a process very similar to what is achieved by CD DVD duplication equipment – on a much smaller scale.
A duplicator extracts data from a master disc, and then ‘writes’ it to an empty (blank) disc. If your business requires the production of duplications, there are many systems available. On the other hand, if you choose to outsource this task to a vendor, it’s possible to have larger quantities professionally produced in a very short time.
The product of a DC/DVD replication would be a CD-R or a DVD-R, and the master must also be a CD/DVD-R. The “R” designates that the disc can only be written once; an RW would mean it could be rewritten multiple times. Let’s walk through some of the options in self-publishing, as well as larger production duplications.
Self-Publishing CD/DVDs
The types of equipment available for do-it-yourself disc publishers are auto-duplicators, tower duplicators, publishing systems, Blu-Ray copying systems, printers and USB flash drive copiers. When you receive a response from your quote request, review the various models and their features as well as limitations before purchasing.
Disc publishers require a minimum of time; discs are just loaded into the machine and the rest is done internally. Price varies depending on whether you want a standalone or a machine which can interact with your computer. Towers have multiple trays for simultaneous duplicating. Flash drive copiers can produce up to 15 copies of a USB thumb drive.
Commercial Duplication Services
Commercial duplication facilities are capable of burning hundreds of discs simultaneously, using linked together towers which have multiple trays each. Other unique products available include shaped discs and mini-discs, which are great promotional collateral to use in place of a business card.
Digital Printing Options:

Direct disc transfer - photographic quality is printed directly onto the disc face. This method provides a high quality, scratch and water resistance surface.

Black thermal digital printing - white or silver discs are overlaid with monochrome text and logos, directly onto the disc face. Features fast and less expensive processing.

Digital matte labels - these are simply printed, then applied to the discs. If you want full color photographs, this process is a less expensive alternative to direct disc transfer.

Duplication vs. Replication
Why would you opt for duplication instead of replication?
Advantages of Duplication

fast turnaround of 2-3 business day, even for thousands of units

          *replication turnaround is closer to 2 weeks.

available in digital full color printing, without prepress char ...

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