Time and Attendance Systems for Your Business

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Properly tracking payroll is one of the most critical functions of your business, and it is not
efficient to attempt to perform this task by utilizing old-fashioned methods such as handwritten 
time cards. After all, a single mistake could be very detrimental for one of your employees, and 
you could also end up getting into legal trouble if people are not paid and taxed the appropriate 
amount each time. Fortunately, there is a variety of time and attendance systems available that 
can help businesses of all sizes track everything from basic hours to sick time. Get a fee quote here

How Does a Time and Attendance System Work?

Each of these systems has its own specific perks, but you can expect accurate record-keeping
that reflects every swipe of your virtual or physical time clock. It is also normal for these 
systems to give you the ability to track holiday pay, vacation time, sick time and overtime. 
Additionally, you can select a system that will compile attendance records for each employee, 
and this will make it easy for you to have the necessary paper trail if you ever need to discipline 
or terminate someone for excessive tardiness or absences.

How Can I Track People in the Field?

Many time and attendance systems are now equipped to sync up to a mobile application that 
gives employees the ability to punch in and out by utilizing their smartphone. This is especially 
beneficial if your company sends a lot of people into the field on a regular basis. In fact, it is 
even possible to take advantage of GPS technology so that you can determine exactly where 
each employee with a smartphone begins and ends their workday. 
This is a fantastic way to make sure that people are accurately recording their hours, and it can 
also be used to ensure employee safety because this method will make it much easier for you 
to find people if something goes wrong while they are in the field.

Is it More Cost-Effective to Pay People by the Hour?

Some businesses believe that they do not need a time and attendance system because they 
primarily pay people a salaried wage. However, it is important to carefully consider whether 
or not salaried employees are actually costing you more money. It is also not unusual to have 
salaried employees track their hours via a timesheet or by punching in and out daily so that you 
can ensure that they are still putting in a full day's work. In some cases, following this process 
will make it abundantly clear that an hourly rate would actually be more cost-effective. 
The reality is that people who are working for an hourly wage are less likely to attempt to leave 
early, and you can also temporarily reduce expenses as needed by cutting their hours when 
you have less work available. Regardless of whether you choose to make everyone hourly or 
salaried, it can still be extremely beneficial to use a time and attendance system, especially if 
your business is located in an area that requires you to pay overtime to salaried employees.
Payroll can be a contentious issue, so you need to protect your business by taking steps to 
accurately capture all of the time that your employees put in every day. If everyone is clocking 
in and out via a time and attendance system, it will be much more difficult for someone to claim 
that they have not been paid the appropriate amount. As an added bonus, these systems make 
it much easier to take care of payroll duties such as cutting checks and calculating taxes.


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