Use Merchant Gift Cards to Build Your Brand

by VENDIREX on 02/26/2015 - 12:28 pm |

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Merchant Gift CardsWhether your company is comprised of one local store, or has regional or national branches, private label gift cards can be a great solution to promote your brand and increase your customer base.


When gift cards first appeared on the market, we regarded them as a quickie alternative to someone taking the time to find out what we really wanted; i.e. paying attention to us and listening when we verbalized our favorite things. Times have changed, both parents are typically working these days - keeping up with daily tasks, the kids, and their careers - leaving little time for painfully slow shopping mall trips to locate an elusive item which may or may not be just the right fit.


In today’s world, consumers love to buy gift cards rather than purchasing a present their friends or family members may end up hating, or returning. On the receiving end, getting a gift card means we can make a purchase online or at the store, choosing something we truly need or desire.


It’s a perfect match for merchants as well, allowing you to capitalize on this ever growing trend. Branded cards are popular, trusted, and can easily be displayed near the checkout lanes for last minute shopping decisions. Better than a client referral, the purchase is directed right back to you, effectively cutting your cost of customer acquisition to the transaction fee of processing the card!


Types of Private Label Cards


Start Up Programs - can range from 100-500 cards, including card holders, an acrylic display, training and a user guide. Flat fee pricing may cover up to 4000 transactions per location per year.


Bundled Programs - can include merchandising tools for marketing the cards to your customers.


Custom Card Programs - will usually start with higher minimums, such as 1,000 cards, and should include the option of per transaction pricing or a flat monthly fee.


Promotional Cards - these can be designed around special events or holiday offers, with tracking built in which will monitor the success of your sale.


Loyalty Cards – usually these are high quality or custom designs to give your customers the VIP treatment. Customer registration and reporting availability will let you stay in touch with their buying trends.




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