What Are Human Resources?

by VENDIREX on 06/09/2015 - 02:57 pm |

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When you hear the term human resources, the department which handles your payroll comes to mind, right? In fact, that function is human resources management, which oversees your company’s human resources.


Technically, human resources is the actual workforce of a business; specifically the set of individuals. The staff is an asset to your company and when you work to further their development, this is referred to as human resources development. That said, don’t forget your human resources are human beings, and that their creativity should be encouraged if you wish to boost your productivity.


There are a few considerations, when hiring your workforce, which can affect your insurance and pension offerings, as well as what the going market rate is for individuals whose skills are desirable to you.


  1. Skills - When there are not enough available candidates for positions you must fill, you’re going to need to compete to bring in people of value. Incentives may be in order, from offering higher salaries and benefits to maybe perks such as flex time, gym memberships, daycare, or modern and personal work spaces.


  1. Diversity - In general, your workplace should be a reflection of the present society. Consider age, gender and race. For instance, there are many more organizations comprised of baby-boomers than a few decades ago. Employees in their 50s and 60s are working into their 70s and 80s, thanks to not only medical innovations but also a shift in our society. It is evident we need to give more credit to today’s ‘seniors’ and their talents and importance to our society's wellbeing.


  1. Demographics - These are less impactful than they used to be, due to more interest in diversity workplaces. Essentially, this element includes the basic characteristics of your human resource population. Social class, age, and gender may very well impact the insurance plan you carry, as well as retirement plans. Coordinate with your insurance representative (and get several quotes for this) to be able to bring on the most beneficial plans for your staff. This will allow you to retain the most valuable employees, without having to narrow the field just to achieve cheaper benefit rates.  



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