Which All-In-One is Best for Your Business?

by VENDIREX on 06/09/2015 - 02:54 pm |

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Multi-functional devices (MFDs) are always going to be less expensive than purchasing several standalone pieces of equipment. Not only do you save money at the time of purchase, you will also pay less in maintenance, supplies and service plans. And, you also save quite a bit of desk or counter space.


Of course, All In Ones are not going to necessarily match the solo performance of individual specialty devices. For instance, an MFD printer may not handle as many different types of fonts or be able to print envelopes and labels like a nice quality standalone printer, nor will the print quality be as high. Then again, what you give up in bells and whistles, you gain in functionality.


High end MFDs will combine printing and copying and may include sorting and stapling options, along with faster printing. Keep in mind that your image quality ever be as stellar as a quality printer, though laser MFDs do have much better quality output than their less expensive counterparts. Their purpose is to give your desktop computer copier functionality.


The middle-range MFDs are based on a small copier machine, and will include a book platen for copying 3-dimensional materials, and magazines or books. They also connect to your computer for printing and scanning, and can send and receive faxes if they are connected to a telephone line.  

Lower-end All In Ones are usually designed for the small business office, and are primarily used as a fax with printing and scanning capabilities. Though these machines lack sorters and only capture about 200 dots of information per inch, they are extremely useful as a one-stop-shop for the office staff.


All In Ones are available in laser and also inkjet models. Inkjets are more adaptable to the smaller business or home environment, and have quality output with vivid color. Lasers are more costly, and have even higher quality output at a smaller cost per page, and as such are more popular in a larger office setting.



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