Why Document Management Makes Sense

by VENDIREX on 01/28/2015 - 04:51 pm |

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Document ManagmentThe 21st Century has certainly brought technology into focus; without it, you’re pretty much left in the dust. Of course it’s just not good business to hop on board with every new gadget or online application that comes across your radar. When it comes to Document Management, however, every company needs to incorporate best practices to protect its data, contracts and customer information.


Take the time to research before you buy. Find out how relevant the product or service is to your business, and how well it works with the processes you currently have in place. Check vendor credentials and reviews for credibility, reliability and response times. These points can ensure that your investment is in line with the results you are pursuing.


Labor Savings

 Switching over to online document storage allows your permissioned employees to locate and access records instantly. Rather than leaving their desk to find a file, make a copy or scan it, and return to their desk - accessing one record online can save 15 minutes or more.


Space Savings

The cost per foot of your leased building is a major factor you definitely should take into consideration. Document Management allows you to turn records storage into valuable and usable office space.


Document Loss

The rough estimate of cost to replace a lost document is $250, according to some supplier studies. Handling paperwork is not only time consuming, but risky as well. Additionally, when one person has a contract in a file on their desk, they may be holding up another worker’s progress. The more that paper is handled, the more likely it is to be damaged or misplaced.


Secured Data

Today’s threats are greater than ever before; not only from onsite tampering, but also from hacking of a company’s online data. Document Management software is available which can not only encrypt your data, but also provide several levels of password protection and audit trails (tracking those who view and update your documents). Also, electronic copies can also easily be recovered in case of a disaster.




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