Why Maintenance Management is Important for Your Business

by VENDIREX on 01/12/2015 - 01:01 pm |

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Whether you manage several facilities, or just one, accessing your Computerized 
Maintenance Management Software from your desktop, tablet or phone can be 
invaluable when it comes to maintaining the assets under your control. A CMMS can 
handle everything from assets inventory to work orders, with real time tracking of 
actionable tasks and completed repairs. It can mean the difference between putting 
out daily ‘fires’ and orderly upkeep - stretching the lifespan of your assets, as well as 
preserving their current value. 

The maintenance management software you choose should include tutorials 
and technical support, and future updates. Certain systems might also offer data 
migration and orientation classes. By showing they are enthusiastic about educating 
their customers, the software providers demonstrate their credibility, stability and 
responsiveness to product improvement - all the characteristics you want from a 
partnership integral to your management firm’s future.

Inventory Management -

CMMS systems help your cash flow, while making certain 
what you need is always on-hand. Using stored data on the frequency and number of 
items used and on-hand in current inventory, you can plan ahead for purchases - not 
only taking advantage of sales, but avoiding costs to rush an item to the location where 
it is needed.

Work Orders and Requests -

This module is critical to successful assets maintenance, 
so you’ll want to find the right CMMS that is flexible enough to give you the workflow 
you need to have in place. From corrective requests and authorizations, to preventative 
maintenance scheduling, the system should allow you to sort by location, asset type, 
etc. There should be detailed labor records, as well as definitive reports which allow you 
to make predictive decisions.

Equipment Tracking -

This function is critical, as it will organize all the data for each 
asset - from date of purchase and warranty parameters to repairs and certifications, as 
well as serial numbers and model descriptions, with ability to upload other identifying 
criteria such as photos and documents. Additionally, this module can be used to record 
meter readings, hours utilized, mileage, etc. Thresholds can be set, to alert you when 
an asset might require corrective action to prevent overuse or deterioration.


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