Why You Need Contact Management Software

by VENDIREX on 01/28/2015 - 04:45 pm |

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Contact ManagementIf you still have a Rolodex on your desk in 2015, you’re not only in danger of slipping into the dark ages, but you’re probably losing a lot of money to boot. Customers are every company’s lifeblood. When you’re not paying close attention - to finding them, keeping them, and learning from their buying habits - then you’re letting your income slip through the cracks.


Honestly, how much information can you fit on a 2”x4” card? Though it may be at your fingertips, it is hardly room enough for the wealth of information that Contact Management Software will provide. This is the digital age, and if you want to compete you have to pull yourself away from the busywork tasks. Think: the more tools in your toolbox that handle the data for you, the more time you have to build your customer base and grow your business.


Lead Management

 Documenting the way your clients found you is key, as well as routing them to the right sales person and tracking the follow ups. What are their interests, and have they been exposed to all the services your business has to offer?


Contact Tracking

 Staying in touch is vital. Client information must be continually updated; communications are fast paced these days, so staying on top of emails, changes of address, time zones, preferred methods of contact, and social sites are crucial in order to demonstrate a high level of professionalism.  


Sales Pipeline

Combine traditional progress steps with your company’s vision, providing a working schematic for your salespeople. When there is a trackable pipeline right inside your Contact Management Software, it ensures not only that your goals and timelines are adhered to, but that no one customer is left behind.


Sales Analysis

Having a real time view of your initial plan, versus actuals, lets you gauge performance and shift emphasis when needed. As a manager or owner, having reports available which show the company’s success patterns and forecasting is invaluable for making day to day decisions - from your labor force needs to growth timetables.


Contract Status

Document storage within your Contact Management system allows easy access with manageable permissions, for both sales and account managers. Tracking a contract’s status is vital to making certain you have a viable agreement, and are satisfying the elements it includes.



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