Logo Design and Your Corporate Identity

by VENDIREX on 03/30/2015 - 11:40 am |

Tag: Brand Management

Logo DesignA logo is not as simple as it sounds, nor as inconsequential as you might think at first. It is actually a very vital and integral part of your overall branding. A great logo can heighten your visibility and image, and a poor logo can decrease your credibility and at best minimize the impact your company will make.


If you think of some of the more memorable logos in the past several decades, what comes to mind? Perhaps the red bullseye of Target, or the famous slanted check mark of Nike. Simple, and to the point, right? Clean, bold lines that speak to the product or its infamous philosophy.


As business owners, we are always in the race with our competitors. In the case of your logo, you want to stay well away from them. Don’t attempt to follow the theme or ideas of anyone else in your business niche. Consider the shape, font, color and any symbolism - and make sure that your design is original. When you look at it, does it represent your image and products in a positive and recognizable way?  


Your logo should be more than your name with fancy initials. Unless you are already famous, trying to brand your own name can be a futile and useless experience. Logos are pictures, and should be visual - something that catches our eye and allows us to associate the symbol with your company; like a greyhound running (we immediately know it’s a bus) or golden arches (McDonald’s all the way).

Remember that your logo will not just be sitting on your web site, it could be imprinted on business cards to billboards, from keychains to baseball caps (and every other promo item you ever hand out in the future). So, give it some thought before you leap. It’s going to stay with you forever, good or bad.



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