Why Trade Shows are Great for Business

by VENDIREX on 10/28/2015 - 12:03 pm |

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Many towns have them, and most everyone has attended one or more conventions at for work or pleasure. Mixing it up with other attendees is fun, and speaker events are invaluable for catching up with all the latest industry information. Trade show displays are set up throughout the venue, giving companies a wealth of opportunities to engage with potential customers.

Be aware that it is considered poor form to hand out anything but a business card as you meander through the crowds (in fact, it may get you bounced out of the event altogether). And so, if you plan to bring promotional items (such as videos, CDs, etc.) with you, make sure that you reserve a booth.

Exhibiting Has Its Advantages

Becoming an Exhibitor may cost you a little more, but it comes with several bonuses; for one, you get a few entry passes for every day of the convention, and usually free access to speaker events and networking tables. The convention promoter will provide and set up certain table configurations, depending on the size of the booth you rent.  

You’ll want to utilize all available marketing techniques - such as social media, email alerts, radio spots - to get the word out beforehand. It’s all about exposure, so make sure you don’t try to save money on this aspect. Sure, the promoter is promoting the convention, but anything you can do to bring people to YOUR TABLE is going to increase your returns substantially.

A Few Tips for Success!

  1. Get the room layout before you book your space. It should include the already booked exhibiting companies - this is invaluable information.

  2. Don’t think you have to opt for the center aisle - it’s the most crowded space, with higher prices (read: there will be highest grade competitors along this aisle).

  3. Look for spots located near traffic flow coming out of events, corner booths are worth the extra money as you will catch attention from more directions; also ‘inside corner’ booths fronting intersecting aisles are a good choice.

  4. Order more supplies than you think you will use; you certainly don’t want to run out, and any overflow will be useful for future marketing. In fact, leftover keychains, pens, and other promotional products are always great to have handy for visiting clients.

  5. Have a printing service near the convention location handle your flyers, brochures and even collated soft cover books; they can deliver right to your hotel concierge desk. And, if the show is at the same hotel, the service will take your items straight to your booth for you. This can save you on shipping heavy materials to the event, or having to bring them with you by plane/car/taxi. So, cost savings plus convenience, you can’t beat that.

  6. Signage is a must - one of your best bets to purchase a retractable banner. Not only will it stand above the crowd, but when retracted, it can be carried onboard with you. If you plan out the banner verbiage with some foresight, it can also have a spot in your lobby!


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