Why Promotional Products are a Great Giveaway

by VENDIREX on 10/28/2015 - 11:58 am |

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Whether you’re planning to exhibit at an upcoming convention, or meet with clients often, it’s always a good thing to be able to leave something with them other than a business card. Promotional products chosen wisely can end up staying with the recipient for days or even months on end. Not a bad investment for anything from a few dollars, to less than the price of a few Venti Cappuccinos at Starbucks, right?

When Opportunity Knocks

How many times do you see people searching for a pen to write with? Keep your company branded ones in your purse or coat pocket, and bring them out. Not only will that person appreciate your gesture, but they will notice your business name, and remember it. Keep your eye out for any opening to place your brand into someone’s hand.  

Think of how much you spend for advertising - either online or in print - month after month, with not much more than a 5% return. Email campaigns, mailed postcards, or neighborhood newspaper ads that land in the driveway (and get run over and thrown in the garbage) cost a lot more than a pen or refrigerator magnet. The point is to keep your name out front and center, for as long as possible.

Promo Items for Conventions

Trade show attendees expect to get lots of ‘freebies’ and like to fill the plastic bags they are given as they enter. Though of value, this is probably not the place to hand out magnetic business cards or keychains. You’re more likely to be noticed - and remembered - if you offer a water bottle, coffee mug, t-shirts or caps, even hand sanitizer. Imagine a Vegas trade show with someone wearing your baseball cap in the casino at a card game at the day’s end!

Consider the source - who is the target audience at the convention? Geeks are going to be drawn to mouse pads and headphones; business owners will appreciate calculators and letter openers, and pens of course. Put yourself in their shoes and imagine what would catch your attention. You certainly don’t want to end up at the bottom of a swag bag, tossed in the trash at the end of the day.


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