Would Database Design be an Asset for Your Company?

by VENDIREX on 10/28/2015 - 12:09 pm |

Tag: Maintenance Management

Most business owners and managers are more than familiar with Excel spreadsheets and Google documents, and sharing them across staff that are given email permissions. Sure, they are user-friendly, but when it comes to integrating billions of pieces of information in a meaningful way, the term falling short doesn’t even come close.

Database design, on the other hand, is capable of merging and managing all of your strategic information, allowing custom reports to be pulled together from various sets of data. Effectively, the right design will improve your company’s ability to get things done quickly and more efficiently (while eliminating the duplication of effort).  

You can opt to modify and improve upon your existing database, or create a brand new one. In order to select the most appropriate design and provider, first consider some features and tips for creating the best design to suit your individual business.

Which of the following do I need to accomplish?

  • Create a list of prospects

  • Maintain and manage client data

  • Track my company’s inventory

  • Power the web applications I use

Which factors will determine the type of database I need?

  • The amount of information there is to store

  • The functionality among users that I need to have

  • The level of customer service I need and want

What different kinds of databases can be designed for me?

  • Desktop databases - These programs have a builtin interface, allowing the developer to create a custom application for you, by using just the software.

  • Enterprise­-level databases - These systems are capable of supporting multi-users, are especially secure and can process billions of pieces of data. Pricing starts in the thousands of dollars, unless you use the alternative MySQL, a free open-source database (you will still need to pay for support of the product).  


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