Call Centers - Offshore vs Onshore

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Call Centers - Offshore vs OnshoreOutsourcing a call center is certainly an option available for most companies today, however the decision is one which could potentially have a huge impact on your customers. Therefore, you’ll want to research providers carefully, weighing all the factors involved - including your choice of Call Center Software. Make sure that what is important to your customers comes first, as they are always going to be (directly or indirectly) your bottom line.


Call Center Rates


Yes, considerable savings with offshore Call Centers is a given (with costs as little as 25 percent of a US-based provider). In circumstances where call volume is important to you, and the responses required are simple, offshore might be a good choice for your budget. If you must outsource offshore, scripted applications are preferred where the agent isn’t expected to carry on a conversation with the caller; such as informational or order taking calls.


Though the utilization of offshore for manufacturing has become less of a hot button, offshore Call Centers have continued to spark heavy debate. Buyers seem to understand the complexity of physical labor and cost savings, and can appreciate the savings it gives them at the checkout line. However, when it comes to communication, spending more to make certain the transaction goes smoothly should be a no-brainer.


English Speakers

U. S. companies would do well to use native English speaking providers whenever possible. Though the cost is greater, the potential loss is lower. Some customers may take exception to their call being handled by a foreigner. Though political correctness may prevent your clients from saying so, this factor could reflect poorly on your corporate image, and you may even lose current or future business.


Generally speaking, if the communication is going to require questions and answers or detailed ordering, US-based providers are probably the best choice. If you are thinking about taking the offshore route, strongly consider using Call Center providers in Canada or the Caribbean and other locations where English is commonly spoken on a daily basis.



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