Event Planners - 4 Reasons Why You Need Them

by VENDIREX on 11/19/2014 - 03:48 pm |

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If you’re looking to plan an important corporate event for your business, you’ll want to 
ensure that every last detail is handled smoothly and efficiently. While you may think that
you can handle all aspects of one of these events, outsourcing your business needs by hiring 
a professional can make your date more effective and memorable to all those who attend.

1. They Know the Industry

If you haven’t planned a conference, trade show, dinner or luncheon in the past, you 
may not be aware of the tremendous amount of details that go into its facilitation. 
The right event planner has experience in the industry. They can also make sure that
all of the fine points are handled without any headaches or confusion. 
From hiring the best food and beverage service to reserving the right room for 
the number of people attending, an event planner can shoulder the brunt of the 
responsibility. A provider should be able to provide you with a number of references. 
They should also allow you to contact them and ask questions about the services 
that they’ve provided in the past. 

2. They Will Save You Money

You may think that it’s much more affordable to handle your upcoming event by 
yourself. However, an event planner will use connections for better deals with 
hotels, convention centers, restaurants and other rental services. They may also 
have the business savvy to negotiate a better deal than you could. 
Taking the time to research the best candidate can help make your event a success. 
You also want to test their negotiating skills and see what ideas they come up with 
to dazzle your clients and meet your budget.

3. They Will Handle Any Crisis

In a perfect world, your event would go off without any difficulties. Unfortunately, 
that’s not how life always happens. Whether your reservation gets lost, the number 
of people changes along the way, you find that you need to switch locations last 
minute, or a random storm rears its ugly head and rains on your parade, an event 
planner is there to help. 

Having an experienced professional to tackle any challenges that arise can alleviate 
stress and allow you to delegate your vision with someone else completing the tasks. 
Ask your planner whether they have previous experience in handling a crisis and 
how they handle sudden changes in plans.

4. They Let You Focus On Business

One of the best reasons to outsource upcoming corporate event is because it allows 
you the opportunity to concentrate on business. This is a perfect opportunity to 
meet new prospects, to honor specific attendees or employees, and to really get a 
different perspective on how your company is perceived. 
A planner can take on the full responsibility for planning the meeting or party, while 
you keep the flow of your business intact. Your guests will appreciate the attention 
you’re able to give them, instead of your being at the helm of all the many details 
inherent in any important business gathering.


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