Why You Need Monitored Alarm Systems

by VENDIREX on 04/22/2015 - 02:29 pm |

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Millions of dollars are lost each year by businesses that experience internal theft and vandalism, in addition to breaches of personal data belonging to the company or their customers. A simple smash and grab break in, where a vandal steals a computer, can turn your organization upside down in a heartbeat. If you’re still thinking that a brightly lit parking lot on a busy street is an adequate deterrent to a potential thief, think again.


Setting up a monitored alarm system for your office is something you can accomplish in one day. They are one of the least expensive measures you can take; monthly fees run approximately a dollar a day. With a backup system (in case your phone lines are disabled) it may add another $10 per month. Of course there are additional features, which can run you more money; such as open and close schedule monitoring, up to another $50 per month, and so on.


Initial costs of setup and installation can run as low as $100 and as high as $4k, depending on the size of your facility, the number of security devices and sensors required, and the number of employees to be tracked. Contracts can be month-to-month, however the best equipment deals come with three year agreements; and you get to keep the equipment. When you lease the devices, it can add a few hundred dollars a year. If your local police department or city requires permits, the cost is minimal, may $40-$50 a year.


Warranties are something you want to ask about. Make sure the equipment, whether leased or purchased with contract, covers the period of your possession. If it expires, you will be responsible for trip fees and repairs.


Monitored systems help to also discourage employee theft, ensure your staff’s safety. Entering and exiting should be monitored, tracking who is onsite and when. If your office is in a less visible building, or has an entrance which is hidden from plain sight, monitored alarm systems can actually be seen as a benefit when hiring quality personnel.

Don’t skimp on the amount of motion detectors - if a burglar enters an interior office through its window (and that office door is closed), they can easily steal the desktop computer and electronics and depart quickly, without setting off a single motion detector which was placed in the suite’s open area. Let the experts do what they do best; make certain you are protected in all ways possible.



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