Why Choose a Hosted PBX Phone System?

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One of the primary advantages of a hosted PBX phone system, over the traditional customer premise equipment, is the cost savings. Though the purchased PBX includes maintenance, Internet access, phone service (local and long distance) - hosted PBX will still cost you less, and in the end you are not left holding equipment which will be outdated by the end of the lease or useful life of a purchased product.


Pricing Points


Usually hosted PBX is based on monthly fees per line, which varies according to which features you decide upon, the amount of users, and the contract terms. Additionally, you will have start up and install costs. Generally your phone company will charge between $12-$30 per phone line. The hosted PBX provider’s fees will run another $10-$20 per line for standard services, which will drop as you add more employees or lines. There are also ‘all-in-one’ providers who include the phone lines in their prices.


Be aware as well that some virtual PBX services may offer super low monthly costs, $5-10/month per line - these don’t replace your phone system, they add VoIP features to your current system; it’s a cheap way to get added services but they don’t include all the advantages of a true hosted PBX system.


Apples to Apples


Create a spreadsheet, with the following costs listed down the left side. The vendor name can be across the top, and then use the vertical columns to list that vendor’s price for each of these items.


Dial tone service

Internet service

Local usage

Long distance usage

International usage,

Interoffice calling

Incoming tollā€free numbers

411, 911 access


Auto attendant



Customer support

Startup fee

Installation fee

Phone cost, each

Router, network switch

True hosted PBX?

Contract term & price

Month-to-Month price


Hosted PBX phone systems can provide the most cost effective solution if your business is looking for a full suite of modern features. And, there’s no need for a lot of dedicated hardware taking up valuable space in your storage or work room. The calls are routed directly from your provider’s data center, right to your office extension.



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