Email Marketing - Why It Works

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Obviously, everyone has an email address these days - and ‘snail mail’ for direct marketing efforts has been pretty much non-existent for some time. Though companies are in constant contact with clients, referrals, prospects and network associates, they don’t always take full advantage of these connections. Email Marketing Services will help you to turn your valuable time spent on developing business contacts into money in the bank.


Properly done, an email marketing campaign will allow you to learn a lot about the behavior of the audience you wish to email servicestarget. It’s a numbers game - you want to achieve the highest amounts of delivered messages while making the most possible sales. Reporting aspects are vital, to ensure you have a correct a path toward improved success as you immerse yourself further into this sales tactic.




Using a Full Service Agency


Firms which provide full emailing marketing services offer complete handling of the entire process from beginning to end. They will have plenty of practice producing worthy content, and skills in avoiding a blacklist status (a problematic element in email marketing). Agencies will have developed relationships in various niche industries. Another advantage is that a full service provider can assist in formatting the emails and even do smaller test mailings, prior to your expending the funds for a full blown campaign.


Cost: Not inexpensive, this service can run into the thousands of dollars every month. However, the expertise and relationships of these providers will mean that you will hit your target more precisely and with greater frequency.


Purchasing Your Own Software


Buying your own in-house software is more suitable for larger firms who have their own servers. You will install the program and train your users, all while having complete control over how the list and campaigns are structured and maintained.  


Cost: No monthly fees. You will incur labor costs for your own employee to handle the process, licensing fees, and the price of the software (which can be amortized 3-5 years).


Caution: Since you are managing your own software, you must stay updated on the legalities of email regulations, while establishing and maintaining a good reputation with top ISPs. You need to obtain and maintain proper hardware and bandwidth.


Application Service Providers


Using ASPs is a quick and simple way for a small company to try out email marketing, and it is user-friendly. The software is hosted on the ASP’s servers, so you will login and load the contact data of your prospects, as well as the content you want to send out. The ASP sends out your message and manages the names list for you.


Cost: You will pay a monthly fee, dependent upon how extensive your address list is, and the total of emails sent each month.


Caution: You must provide your own mailing list. Be sure to make sure you are working with a reliable vendor, that their server is a strong one, and ask them ways they ensure their network doesn’t get blacklisted.          




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