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Hiring new employees is one of the most important tasks you will undertake, and yet most companies don’t have a clear cut strategy in place for finding and screening applicants - much less the right interviewing skills to select the best person for the job. Without checking references and screening a person’s job history, problems can be overlooked. 
Utilizing the power of recruiting software can definitely help you cut to the chase. Not only can it track and schedule your job posts, automatically respond to applicants by email, but most programs can perform background checks, pre-screen the individual, and develop reports on how well that candidate fits your criteria for a specific job opening. 
When you interview someone without these steps, you are reacting to body language, personality, and appearance. Though these factors might have relevance, they can sway you toward someone for the wrong reasons, while not considering important elements to which you should have given more attention. 
For startup entrepreneurs, your employees can be critical to making sure your vision takes the appropriate path, with its integrity intact. You want to be sure to find candidates who share your passions - but also leave room for at least one team member who can stand up to your lofty ideas, and provide a calm balance for those times when your fervor may get out of kilter. Remember that customers buy the concept and the people behind it, not just the product. They don’t want to be sold ‘a bill of goods.’ And so, your employees must provide a sense of consistency, sincerity, and ethics. 
For larger businesses with many moving parts, ambition isn’t the only trait you’ll want to find in your candidate. Consider that leaders are not always team players. They are ‘the hunters’ and innovators, and can be great in sales and even be empowering for others. But you also need ‘gatherers’ - those who make sure the everyday tasks are completed, while interacting in a positive atmosphere. Take full inventory of the job description you are trying to fill, and give some real thought to the type of person who would best fit into those shoes.

Mail Services and Your Business Security

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Many businesses still rely on the U.S. Postal Service to conduct their daily business. Business mail is actually the primary element of contemporary snail mail, as most personal communications are now delivered online and instantaneously. It is easy to forget how dangerous this side of business operation can be when dealing with a high volume of incoming items. 
Of course, digital age contemporary society is clearly focused on security in all aspects of life, and the business community may be the most vulnerable to regular mail delivery which currently receives less attention and priorities. For companies receiving a high volume of physical mail, there is true urgency for standard mail room security protocol. Why? Because number one on the list of vulnerable government agencies and businesses is the U.S. Postal Service. 
Risk Level - All businesses are unique in some manner with respect to what service they perform, so risk levels will differ in most cases. Assessing business risk includes evaluating the location of mail operations, as well as employee responsibilities when handling incoming company mail. Comprehensive incoming mail classification can be important, especially when evaluating the business customer base. Implementing methods of detecting unusual letters is as important as detection of suspicious packages, and all mail rooms should have an inspection protocol.
Employee Security Evaluation - Sometimes security lapses can be associated with employees on the inside. Business operations that have volatile security possibilities should always evaluate mail room employees for potential risk. Mail room employees can often work up the company ladder, and this is a good operations procedure to ensure a trustworthy staff in the future. Protecting businesses against security threats can be very similar to defending against employee theft, which can also occur in the mail room of businesses receiving monetary instruments or cash. It is a well-established fact that most company theft involves employees.Bombs and Bomb Threats - Other than the lacing of letters and the insertion of powders that may fall out of a mailing enclosure, bombs and bomb threats are of the highest priority. Obviously suspicious packaging can be easily noticed, but routine types of packaging can also be problematic and overlooked, so attention to detail is crucial. 
Installing metal detectors may not be too extreme for certain mail rooms, once again depending on the nature of the industry and the use of the mail room. Any facility receiving packages as part of their normal business operations should have a solid security protocol for inspecting containers and identifying the originating parties. Mailing breaches can include chemical and biological agents, so this should be high priority.
 Business as usual may not be the best polic ...

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Event Planners - 4 Reasons Why You Ne...

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If you’re looking to plan an important corporate event for your business, you’ll want to ensure that every last detail is handled smoothly and efficiently. While you may think thatyou can handle all aspects of one of these events, outsourcing your business needs by hiring a professional can make your date more effective and memorable to all those who attend.
1. They Know the Industry
If you haven’t planned a conference, trade show, dinner or luncheon in the past, you may not be aware of the tremendous amount of details that go into its facilitation. The right event planner has experience in the industry. They can also make sure thatall of the fine points are handled without any headaches or confusion. From hiring the best food and beverage service to reserving the right room for the number of people attending, an event planner can shoulder the brunt of the responsibility. A provider should be able to provide you with a number of references. They should also allow you to contact them and ask questions about the services that they’ve provided in the past. 
2. They Will Save You Money
You may think that it’s much more affordable to handle your upcoming event by yourself. However, an event planner will use connections for better deals with hotels, convention centers, restaurants and other rental services. They may also have the business savvy to negotiate a better deal than you could. Taking the time to research the best candidate can help make your event a success. You also want to test their negotiating skills and see what ideas they come up with to dazzle your clients and meet your budget.
3. They Will Handle Any Crisis
In a perfect world, your event would go off without any difficulties. Unfortunately, that’s not how life always happens. Whether your reservation gets lost, the number of people changes along the way, you find that you need to switch locations last minute, or a random storm rears its ugly head and rains on your parade, an event planner is there to help. 
Having an experienced professional to tackle any challenges that arise can alleviate stress and allow you to delegate your vision with someone else completing the tasks. Ask your planner whether they have previous experience in handling a crisis and how they handle sudden changes in plans.
4. They Let You Focus On Business
One of the best reasons to outsource upcoming corporate event is because it allows you the opportunity to concentrate on business. This is a perfect opportunity to meet new prospects, to honor specific attendees or employees, and to really get a different perspective on how your company is perceived. A planner can take on the full responsibility for planning the meeting or party, while you keep the flow of your business intact. Your guests will appreciate the attention yo ...

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Video Surveillance System

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Hosting even a smaller trade show can provide important venues for aligning with others in yourindustry in a convenient setting. However, it is also important to be aware of the fact that larger gatherings of this nature have the potential to attract a wide variety of risks. At the very least you shouold have a good video surveillance system in place.
You need to take several steps to help ensure the safety of everyone involved. After all, if your conference becomes the target of an individual or group that has the intention of harming others, it will have severe negative ramifications for your company and the industry as a whole.
1. Utilize a Professional Security Company – One of the best ways to make certain that your conference goes smoothly is to bring in a team of security professionals. In fact, small security companies can provide you with assistance before your event that will make everything safer during the conference. For example, they can perform a security audit to determine which areas of the building present the highest risks, and they can also help you develop an emergency management plan so that you know the best way to respond if something does go wrong.
2. Screen Each of Your Attendees – Many industry conferences require attendees to have specific credentials that verify that they have a legitimate reason to be there. Taking this step before each attendee is allowed to complete the registration process can dramatically reduce the potential for a terrorist to access your event. Additionally, you should make sure that everyone wears a name badge, and these badges should be checked versus their ID before each person is allowed to enter the conference.
3. Put Metal Detectors in Place – Although it is inconvenient to go through a metal detector, most people are used to this process as a way of life in today’s world. Make sure that you have enough staff on hand to handle this process so that no one is able to slip through undetected. If you have the financial resources, you might even want to consider adding x-ray scanners.
4. Place Security Personnel at All Potential Entrances – Having at least one guard at every location that can be used to access the building can help deter people from entering the conference with weapons, and it will give you the opportunity to ensure that every person has gone through the proper screening process. 
5. Booth Selection and Traffic Flow – Offer booth selections which give as much open space as possible to prevent crowding, allowing proper spacing between them to assure a good traffic flow to entrance and exits. Providing signage and placing memorable vendors at key locations will also help attendees familiarize themselves with the layout of your show. Keep hours for set-up and break-down separate from open attendance times, to assure secu ...

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